KNG Wearing Options

KNG Material

(Kydex® New Generation) is an advanced multi-layer material developed by Front Line. After many years of experience with our NG products, the KNG line offers improved molded products, including Kydex® as a firm tough durable external shell for long-lasting retention.

KNG holsters offer all the benefits of Kydex® holsters combined with perfect fit and the best possible protection for the finish of your pistol.
The KNG line includes tactical, law enforcement, and carry holsters.

KNG Wearing Options


the perfect kit for your holster and belt

BFL Modular is an improved version of the standard belt wearing. It offers a security strap which easily closes around your belt.
No need to remove the belt.
Prevents the holster from being snatched from the pants.
BFL Modular is easily modified when changing belts:
Simply unsnap the security strap if necessary, remove the insert, and then add the proper size insert and position it on the two holes of the BFL Modular.


The paddle is connected to the holster by two screws, offering you the option to change the carrying angle according to your needs. Thanks to the 6 holes this paddle offers, you are able to adjust your holster in different cant angles to forward & backward - from vertical carrying to cross draw position.
With this paddle, your holster is stable and steady:
The bottom of the paddle is rugged to keep the holster in place, the two jags hold it on your belt and the "window" enables you to insert your belt via your pants loop into this window while carrying the paddle holster outside your pants.
Whether you choose to carry the paddle in your pants or outside – you get the best possible options for carrying your paddle holster. The Kydex®, KNG and LKC holsters are available with Paddle.


Low Ride Device

The best option for your duty holster

The new Low Ride Device has a special tunnel that gives you control on your holster’s height. With 5 options of height levels - you can locate it from belt height to mid-ride to low ride position.
Whether you choose a Thumb-Break model, Thumb Spring or HDL™ in a Low Ride version - you get it with integral I-rail on the back of your holster. By sliding the I-rail along the LD tunnel, you are getting the option to fix your holster by two screws on the right height, according to your needs.
The I-rail can be adjusted vertically and in two 5º angles to backward&forward.


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