Tactical Plate

Tactical Plate

This new Tactical plate offers you full control on your tactical gear.
It includes integral tunnel and several holes to locate your holster and accessories.

To locate your holster at your preferred spot: First fix the I-rail of the holster at your preferred  angle, then slide the I-rail along the tunnel, and set it firmly at the right  height using the two screws. Set up your accessories on this plate (on both sides of the holster or 3 accessories), choosing vertical or angled drawing.


Double leg straps secure the plate to your leg. Standard plate includes an adjustable strap that is connected to your belt. Tactical Plate with a detachable strap for quick release is an option. If you prefer this version for your tactical gear - please specify item #TPQ1010 while order.

Our Tactical holsters has an integral I-rail, offers vertical or angled drawing.
Thanks to this system, you have the option to locate your holster on the requested height by sliding it into
the tactical plate’s tunnel and fix it by two screws.
All our tactical holsters include lining to protect the finish of your gun.

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